The one thing I have found to be a constant in my ever-continuing search for information on the Atlanta Fox Theatre is that when you find the answer to one thing, something new to investigate always presents itself. It tend to get excited about these discoveries and I often tend to over stuff my presentations with a lot of great information that admittedly needed to be edited down a bit. 

Since this is the Internet and my web page, I've decided to present a good deal of this extra information on the site so my visitors can go as deeply as they wish or to just skim the surface as they choose.

This section of the Fox Tribute site is about the the people that were directly or indirectly involved with the Fox and it's place in history. .

William Fox & Eve Leo Fox

Samuel L. "Roxy" Rothafel

Olliver J. Vinour

Fanchon & Marco Wolff 

Bob Van Camp

Joe Patten

Robert L. Foreman Jr.

Hal Doby
the author of this web site.

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